Office Layout & Space Planning

How can we best help your firm through the process?  If you have an architect or builder and are working with plans or blueprints; Superior can help ensure that your Office Interior is Superior.

If you do not have a set of plans to work with, no problem; Superior will create professional, accurate drawings that will be the backbone of your solid well planned Office Layout.

Tape Measure, Graph Pad & Pencil and ..... 

Graphical Tools take the guesswork out of your new office...

Voila, ... the floorplan is the key to properly utilizing space. 

The 2D View is great for space planning; it is most like the familiar blueprint.  It can be produced in many scales and converted to PDF for easy emailing and sharing.  

The Bird's Eye Viewis a favorite of many clients.  It has many of the benefits of the 2D view, but adds the depth of field that direct overhead perspective brings.  

The 3D View will show details that escape other images.  Walls can be selectively rendered invisible or removed entirely.  It is a valuable tool when considering a panel system as it allows the client to visualize panel heights and cubicle details.  

The Perspective View is used to give the client a sense of what it will be like to stand in the space before committing to a selection of furniture!  

For most local businesses we are able to create a scaled drawing of your building (like a blueprint)!